We are TCP: Those Creative People
A small team of 4 people with BIG ideas and explorers of creativity in every form.

From Left-to-Right: Marc Gayle - Partner & Director Of Operations, Kia Moses - Co-Founder/Creative Director/Writer (Sister-in-Law to Jordan); Jordan Moses - Co-Founder/Creative Director/Graphic Designer; 


Armed with a suitcase full of banana chips, Kia left Jamaica to major in Advertising at The School Of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. In 2007 she graduated with Honours, multiple awards and was ranked in the ‘top 100 Advertising Students in the U.S.A.’ After working at ad agencies in New York and London, plus interning for music video director ‘X’, she returned home with a passion to pour everything back into the Jamaican creative industry. Since then, this ‘Imaginationista’ (who clearly also makes up her own words) co-founded TCP Those Creative People and now spends her days switching gears between conceptualizing ideas, advertising, creative direction, creative writing (from headlines and TV scripts to greeting cards) and product development for TCP’s own product line. Her hobbies include reading, photography, film, ballet, and confidently screaming out wrong answers at Jeopardy.


Jordan has experience in advertising and marketing both locally and internationally. This Creative Director, Art Director, Footballer and Part-Time Farmer graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Tampa. Second only to his love for sports, is his love for creating business ventures from scratch and watching them grow - the driving force that led him to co-found TCP.


 After building many web products for clients over the last decade, Marc had a desire to build, not only web, but also physical products of his own. Having completed his MBA at the University of Tampa and a BA in Computer Science at Eckerd College a few years prior, Marc decided to move back to Jamaica with his wife to raise his three children. Upon return, Marc became very involved in the local tech community and is commonly considered one of the more vocal voices. He enjoys helping fellow entrepreneurs build their dreams into empires and was a powerful addition to the TCP Team as Partner & Director Of Operations. Since joining TCP he has spearheaded the roll out of the product line across the island and is implementing more sophisticated business and logistics infrastructure. In his ‘free time’ he also writes on a variety of topics for a wide array of leading technology blogs such as Techcrunch, SixRevisions, Smashing Magazine. His writing has also been featured in the well-known British newspaper, The Economist. He also writes on his personal blog at Marcgayle.com.



We make a variety of novelty gift items, greeting cards & gift tags. Aside from our signature 'One Bag Ah Tings' Female Tote Bag and funny, Jamaican Greeting Cards & Gift Tags, our product line also consists of Handheld Fans, A Planner, Bookmarks, Grocery Bags (Scandal Bag Replacements), Tshirts and more.

We apply the same combination of creative concepts, writing and visuals that we use in the advertising arm of our company to our products line. Capturing Jamaican culture with creative twists, humour and first world designs is at the core of our approach.

Greeting Cards & Gift Tags:

We believe Jamaicans deserve to buy local greeting cards and gift tags that they can truly relate to, without having to sacrifice on design or quality. All our greeting cards and gift tags are proudly designed and printed in Jamaica.

One Bag Ah Tings:

Jamaicans love to say ‘you’re walking around with One Bag Ah Tings’ when you have a lot of things – so we decided to turn ‘One Bag Ah Tings’ into a physical bag. Your ‘One Bag Ah Tings’ also makes more than a fashion statement because part proceeds from every purchase goes to Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica to help keep our island clean by encouraging reusable bags, instead of plastic ones when shopping.

Jamaican Fans:

Our handheld fans are the ‘hottest way to cool down in Jamaica’, with clean fan designs featuring Jamaican slangs.